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Archives name Fundaciķ Centre del Vidre de Barcelona
Person in charge Muņoz i Domenech, Pilar Telephone 93 4902886
Address Comptes de Bell-lloc, 192
08014 Barcelona
Fax 93 4906171
Web address
Total images 5.100
Plates Negatives 1.600 Paper 1.500 Slides 2.000 Other formats
Subjects Specialized in the artistic work of glass. Included the techniques and pieces, like stained-glass windows, restoration, glassblowing... Compilation of glass works of differents artists of the world.
Time periods From 1980 until 1997.
Digitalization process Archive in part digitalized.
Additional information Slides catalogue. Staff engaged. Exhibitions. 5 books published. It is the only photographic archive of the historic and contemporary art of glass. Shows local and international movements.
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