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Archives name Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya
Person in charge Sans i Travé, Josep Maria Telephone 93 5897788
Address Jaume I, 33-51
08190 St. Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Fax 93 5898035
Web address
Total images 1.554.620
Plates 166.900 Negatives 962.900 Paper 418.300 Slides 6.520 Other formats
Subjects Pictures of FECSA, Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima, Tabacos de Filipinas, La Solidaridad Nacional y La Prensa, Comissariat de Propaganda, Institut Escola, Delegació Provincial d’Esports de Barcelona, PSUC and Bandera Roja, Catalan Boy scouts, Volunteers, World War, Catalan Culture Congress, and collections from photographers like Brangulí, Josep Gaspar, Francesc Ferran i Brugués, Bert i Claret, Esplugas, Vives, Roissin, Gonshani, of politicians like F. Macià, V. Gassol, G. López Raimundo, J. Cuatrecases, and intellectuals like Eugeni d’Ors or Angel Guimerà.
Time periods From 1880 until 1994.
Digitalization process
Additional information Catalogued archive and consultation room. It is important to point out, in the political field, the pictures of the Setmana Tràgica, the proclamation of the 2nd Spanish Republic, Spanish Civil War and the Generalitat de Catalunya; in the social field, the city of Barcelona, festivities, traditions, towns of Catalonia. In the industrial field, pictures of enteprises and factories, and in the sports and entertainments field, the pictures of bulls and theatre.
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